Construction & Building Materials

  • Rwanda’s construction sector has been pegged as one of the four vibrant sectors that would propel the country to rebuild itself 22 years after the genocide and spur economic development targets by 2020.

  • While the construction industry is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of the economy, accounting for almost 30% of total turnover of the industrial sector, a big part of the population cannot afford to buy, build or even rent a decent house.

  • Real gross domestic product (GDP) growth averages 8.2% annually, which translates into a GDP per capita growth of 5.1% per year.

  • The boom in the sector started about 10 years ago when the population increased drastically in 2000 and as a result of government pushing for more modern structures (housing and commercial) to replace the ones from the former Juvenal Habyarimana regime.

  • By 2003, there were only regional and international construction companies in the game, but within the last six years, the competition and growth of Rwanda’s private sector drive have seen local companies coming up to have a share.