Huzhou Brand Digital Expo 2020- Opening Ceremony

MIE Events is proud to announce that the Huzhou Brand Digital Expo is now live. The event launched on virtual platform “Global Trade Week – VE” hosted by China Council for The Promotion of International Trade Huzhou Committee (CCPIT Huzhou), and co-hosted by CCOIC Huzhou; is a 3-day event that helps enterprises to recover the business and expand the market through Online Exhibition and Digital B2B Match Making.

Present today at the virtual opening ceremony were, Mr. Jin Kai, President of China Council for The Promotion of International Trade Huzhou Committee (CCPIT Huzhou), Mr. Zhang Haiming, Secretary General of CCPIT Huzhou, Mr. Zahoor Ahmed, Vice President of MIE Group Dubai, Mr. Guo Jian Cheng, Vice President of Dubai EMMAR Group China Region. The Chinese delegates not only attended the opening ceremony but also gave speeches on business opportunities for both Chinese and African traders. Apart from this, representative from DMG Group also attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Zhang Haiming, Secretary General of CCPIT Huzhou, who mentioned the Virtual Expo was officially launched on June 1st on the GTW-VE platform targeting Home Furnishing industry. On this Mr. Jin Kai, President of CCPIT Huzhou commented “Hopefully Huzhou enterprises respond to the policy actively and grasp the business opportunities tightly, exploring overseas markets through the platform, thus stabilizing the direction of exporting.”

Mr. Guo Jian Cheng, Vice President of Dubai EMAAR Group China Region said: “Virtual events can help achieve accurate leads and foreign direct investments which is the mainstream trend of foreign trade under the current environment. I wish the event great success.”  

Later, Mr. Zahoor Ahmed, Vice President of MIE Group Dubai, gave a brief introduction into MENA market, illustrating how to obtain business via virtual events and the advantages of the platform. “With more than 50 enterprises participating in this event, the whole exhibition will be based on online platform “Global Trade Week” (GTW) empowered by MIE Group. GTW will assist suppliers to showcase their range of products, communicate with visitors instantly, launch video conferences or start live screening. Purchaser can retrieve products and do real-time query for what they are interested in.” he said.

As a major foreign trade province, total import and export value of Zhejiang in 2019 exceeded 3 trillion yuan for the first time, with an increase of 8.1%, accounting for 9.8% of the national total import and export value. Among them, Huzhou’s foreign trade accounted for a large share of Zhejiang’s foreign trade exports, and its export growth ranked the third in the province. However, due to the epidemic, most exhibitions cancelled or postponed in 2020, Virtual events support Huzhou enterprises to explore the market and bounce back to recovery.

Accurate B2B matching enables online cross-border procurement

On June 16th 2020, the Huzhou Brand Digital Expo 2020 a 2 phase event, kick started with the first batch of enterprises participating in a Digital B2B Match Making session, where they achieved remarkable results witnessed by the Vice Mayor of Huzhou. Six key enterprises from Huzhou had successful 1-1 meeting with renowned international companies including Danube Home, SourceOne Management Services, Victoria Court Ltd, Kitchen and Beyond, EMAAR, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, Victoria Furniture Ltd and Zambia Furniture Ltd.

With Phase 2 of the event “Huzhou Brands Virtual expo” kicking off from June 28th – 30th more than 100 match making sessions will be organized between 34 Huzhou enterprises and purchasers from MENA involving all kinds of floor materials, office supplies and accessories, hotel facilities, outdoor, leisure and other products.

“Huzhou Brand Digital Expo”, is a unique and dedicated B2B platform designed with your direct project needs in mind. Developed as an industry specific e-commerce platform, which services the trade interaction between industry professional who attend on site exhibitions. Visitors can search in a live environment for manufacturers, suppliers and a wide range of products online. Not only this, but with our targeted 1-1 B2B Matchmaking sessions you can communicate with suppliers in real time, and book video meetings and conferences very conveniently. Manufacturers, looking for export and import opportunities can post their products online.

In order to actively respond to the Central Government’s new requirement of “Innovating Exhibition Service mode”, we will make full use of various new scientific and technological means to create an Internet-based “Cloud Exhibition” to help enterprises cope with the impact of the epidemic and expand economic and trade cooperation. We hope this series of events will pioneer to become a strong promoter for developing overseas business and help Huzhou enterprises overcome this challenging period.

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